Why Wedding Planners are a blessing during the Wedding Season

Whether it is an intimate wedding or a big fat Indian wedding that you seek for your most important day, the end goal is that it has to be just perfect. Let’s accept it, planning a wedding takes a lot of effort, time and energy. It takes your attention to the fullest potential.

Usually, it’s the bride that is super excited about planning the wedding, yes no offense to the groom, but they do lack the enthusiasm to have that fairytale, dreamy wedding. For them as long as they are taking their vows, they are less concerned about where and how.

Being a bride-to-be is not an easy task. Sometimes, you have an exact idea of how your dream wedding should be but then you lack the creativity to execute it. And other times you want something unique for your wedding but you do not really have that creative tinge in you that could help you achieve your taste. This is the exact situation where wedding planners come to your rescue.

It is a very common notion that people have those wedding planners are services opted by the high-budget wedding duos. It’s not true, in today’s scenario there are quality wedding planning services at an affordable range to help plan your wedding and make it the most memorable day of your life

To those who are still unsure about the benefits of hiring a wedding planner for your dreamy day, you have reached the right place, read on to know about the pros of having a professional wedding planner on board with your wedding organizing agenda.

1> load-off your shoulder

With a dedicated team organizing your wedding, being the two most people at the wedding, you and your partner get to actually enjoy the wedding instead of running around getting the various messy situations sorted. You get to spend much more happening time with your near and dear ones.

2>Updated creative ideas:

Being so closely involved in weddings, these wedding planners have an idea about the latest trends happening in the wedding sector. They would be able to help guide you better as to what shades, what drapes or even what food and music you should have for your wedding, in order to make your day a grand celebration.

3>Collaborated vendor listing:

Another very important factor as to why one should opt for a wedding planner is that they would be able to help you collaborate with amazing wedding vendors like wedding decorators, caterers and so on at a much affordable pricing. Thus helping you cut down on your total wedding expense.

In short, we can say that wedding planners offer design assistance, amazing creative ideas, and an overall support throughout the whole wedding planning process. They willing do all the groundwork while you enjoy what’s left of your unmarried days- till the day you begin your beautiful journey called marriage.



Top Honeymoon Destinations for the Romantic in you!

A honeymoon is a perfect time for the newlyweds to explore more about one another. Like everything else, even the trend in honeymoon-ing is also seen to undergo a change.

Taking international trips is the most common trend seen these days as it gives the newlyweds a chance to experience a new culture, tradition, heritage and much more.

But honestly speaking, within India are also so many places that are as beautiful and intriguing as any international destination.

These can be a perfect option for those who are low on their honeymoon budget. There are many honeymoon packages available which are super budget-friendly and also comfortable.

Here is a list of top honeymoon places you could visit with your beloved ones:

Heaven on Earth: Andamans

This is one of the most trending holiday destinations in India. It is surrounded by magnificent beaches, secluded islands, and seas. It is a perfect destination for the newlyweds to start their journey from.

Paradise Indeed: Kashmir

Undoubtedly, the beauty of Kashmir doesn’t need a definition. It is indeed a perfect getaway for romantic couples. In fact, Kashmir honeymoon packages in India are the most opted tour packages by couples.  It is a complete package of scenic beauty, shopping, gardens and much more to enjoy.

Taste of Royalty: Udaipur

Udaipur, also known as the city of lakes, is one of those specular honeymoon destinations. It is the ideal place for couples looking for a touch of royalty all throughout their special vacation. It is fondly called the Venice of the east, because of its rich historical heritage.

French Love and much more: Pondicherry

If you are one of those passionate lovers, then you could prefer Pondicherry honeymoon packages. They are both inexpensive yet romantic as hell. It has a lot of things for you to enjoy its amazing waterfront and beach promenades. In fact, it is a place for many French colonies.

Backwater bliss: Alleppey

If you want to experience true royalty; live like a king and queen; Experience the nature at its best then Alleppey is the destination for you. A luxurious stay at one of those houseboats is an experience on its own. The serenity and nature all around would give you the best vacation indeed.