Plan the Perfect Winter Wedding using an Online Wedding Planner App

Planning a wedding is never too easy nor is there an easy way of going about it. But if you think of it, it should not be easy right? C’mon It is the most important event in your life; had it been easy it, you might not have the same anxiety, satisfaction or happiness that you could have after running around doing everything with complete perfection.

In India, Wedding is not just a ceremony; it is a carnival.  May to September is literally the time when every day is a wedding day! It is the height of wedding season in the country. It is mostly because of the slightly sunny yet breezy climate- the lush green leaves and the perfect sky. The least scope of a rain is also another major factor as to why people opt for a summer wedding in India.

Now that the summer is gone and winter is setting in, here are a few reasons why planning a winter wedding could also be a pleasant experience.

The winters in India have its own charm. It has a vibe of its own especially if you are looking to have a December wedding; December has a festive vibe on its own with Christmas and New Year kicking in. Having a wedding when everyone is in a happy mode is inarguable the best possible thing.

It is the best time of the year:

Just like the colors, music, food, and vibe of an Indian wedding are super unique; the winter is unquestionably the best season of the year.  It is the only time of the year when you do not need to fret about the heat killing the fun of the wedding vibe. The complete carnival, festive mode of Indian weddings can be brought out at its peaks.

You can get outdoors:

Having your wedding in December means you can actually plan to have your events outdoors in the daytime. And because it’s cool (and even cold at times), being out in the sun actually feels nice. You can actually have a gorgeous beach wedding, royal palace wedding and even have expanses of lush green lawn as backdrops for wedding photos.

Dress up for yourself and not the weather:

With such beautiful weather, you can bring out your A game with your favourite silks and velvets. You do not need to worry about sticky slimy weather ruining your look. In short, you have the privilege to make the grand day even more grandeur with your wardrobe done at its best. It is the best idea if you want to look ravishing in wedding photos, given that even your make up stays on the way you applied it and that there is no oozing away or sweating happening.

Picture perfect:

Just imagine a dust of snow on your big day, think of your photographs- how magical it would look. Nothing less of a winter wonderland right?

Having a wedding somewhere like Delhi where winter experiences snowfall could be fun especially with the chilly cold weather. The beauty of the pictures would just go a notch up if you get lucky enough to experience winter snow on your big day. Also, the chill in the air tends to give your face an added glow which brings in a different beauty altogether.

Like you read above having a winter wedding has perks of its own.  Now, let us see how we can make wedding planning a lot less messy as compared to what it traditionally is.

Being one of the greatest events in our lives, there are many things that need to be planned before the marriage. And this is a daunting task indeed; especially to plan for it individually. We can always have a wedding planner hired who would conveniently take up the responsibility of getting our organizing part done. They not only will do everything for you but will also provide you with their professional guidance empowering you to handle this event successfully.

But then also, you as the bride or the groom, have a lot of things that would keep popping into your head- the dress fitting, the cake tasting, and the décor ideas and so on. Basically, you would want everything to be monitored so that it comes out to your exact liking. This is physically not possible! With the technology and the internet being so updated and a significant source of information in our lives, monitoring and organizing a wedding or some related event with the help of an online Wedding Planner has become super convenient.

Online Wedding Planner in Kolkata is seen to be a trend that has picked up heat only in recent years. People have started to realize how technology has made wedding planning an affair of the fingertips.

There are various online wedding planners in Kolkata, which are so useful in terms of making wedding planning mess easier. These online wedding planners are great instruments as it lets you manage this lovely occasion in among the finest way.

>There are options wherein you can conveniently communicate with your wedding planners and wedding vendors.

>Maintain an e-checklist which can be easily updated and worked with.

>Socialize and have group discussions with your family and friends in regards to wedding planning and so on.

>keep a constant track of what the wedding vendors are up to and how the organizing is being carried forward.

>Maintain all the bills, business cards and invoice quotes a lot faster and easier given the circumstances.

>Using an online wedding planner gives you the scope of finds and following the latest trends.

In short, we can say that Using Letzgetwed or other similar online wedding planners can help you plan your perfect wedding by setting a realistic wedding budget based on various occasions. It also has different free online wedding planning tools that could help you keep organized – save both your time and money.

Why Wedding Planners are a blessing during the Wedding Season

Whether it is an intimate wedding or a big fat Indian wedding that you seek for your most important day, the end goal is that it has to be just perfect. Let’s accept it, planning a wedding takes a lot of effort, time and energy. It takes your attention to the fullest potential.

Usually, it’s the bride that is super excited about planning the wedding, yes no offense to the groom, but they do lack the enthusiasm to have that fairytale, dreamy wedding. For them as long as they are taking their vows, they are less concerned about where and how.

Being a bride-to-be is not an easy task. Sometimes, you have an exact idea of how your dream wedding should be but then you lack the creativity to execute it. And other times you want something unique for your wedding but you do not really have that creative tinge in you that could help you achieve your taste. This is the exact situation where wedding planners come to your rescue.

It is a very common notion that people have those wedding planners are services opted by the high-budget wedding duos. It’s not true, in today’s scenario there are quality wedding planning services at an affordable range to help plan your wedding and make it the most memorable day of your life

To those who are still unsure about the benefits of hiring a wedding planner for your dreamy day, you have reached the right place, read on to know about the pros of having a professional wedding planner on board with your wedding organizing agenda.

1> load-off your shoulder

With a dedicated team organizing your wedding, being the two most people at the wedding, you and your partner get to actually enjoy the wedding instead of running around getting the various messy situations sorted. You get to spend much more happening time with your near and dear ones.

2>Updated creative ideas:

Being so closely involved in weddings, these wedding planners have an idea about the latest trends happening in the wedding sector. They would be able to help guide you better as to what shades, what drapes or even what food and music you should have for your wedding, in order to make your day a grand celebration.

3>Collaborated vendor listing:

Another very important factor as to why one should opt for a wedding planner is that they would be able to help you collaborate with amazing wedding vendors like wedding decorators, caterers and so on at a much affordable pricing. Thus helping you cut down on your total wedding expense.

In short, we can say that wedding planners offer design assistance, amazing creative ideas, and an overall support throughout the whole wedding planning process. They willing do all the groundwork while you enjoy what’s left of your unmarried days- till the day you begin your beautiful journey called marriage.



Let food do the talking: Feast your Guest with the best Wedding Caterers in Kolkata

As it is planning your wedding is a very serious business. You most certainly do not want even the slightest thing going wrong.

When we talk about Weddings in India, it’s not just an occasion of celebration; it is a very sacred affair filled with rituals and traditions. And being believers of the slogan” Athithi Devo Bhava”, you can imagine the hospitality we Indians would treat our guests with.

Wedding Suppers assume a very critical part in making a wedding service memorable. When finding wedding caterers in Kolkata shouldn’t be the difficult or stressful task, finding a caterer who matches your taste in food is very important.

Kolkata, being the hub of culture, tradition, and food, is indeed one of the best places to tie your wedding knot.  The selection of wedding caterers that you find in Kolkata is just brilliant.

So before fixing upon a wedding caterer for your D-Day, have a look at the top players in the Wedding catering Industry.


#1: Munna Maharaj


#2: Rajesh Ganpati


#3: Sudarshan Pugalia (Pugalia Caterers)


#4: Chicky Madan

#5: Pawan Prahladka(Jolly Caterers)

Now let your guests know how important they are to you by serving them with the best wedding supper you could think of.