Why Wedding Planners are a blessing during the Wedding Season

Whether it is an intimate wedding or a big fat Indian wedding that you seek for your most important day, the end goal is that it has to be just perfect. Let’s accept it, planning a wedding takes a lot of effort, time and energy. It takes your attention to the fullest potential.

Usually, it’s the bride that is super excited about planning the wedding, yes no offense to the groom, but they do lack the enthusiasm to have that fairytale, dreamy wedding. For them as long as they are taking their vows, they are less concerned about where and how.

Being a bride-to-be is not an easy task. Sometimes, you have an exact idea of how your dream wedding should be but then you lack the creativity to execute it. And other times you want something unique for your wedding but you do not really have that creative tinge in you that could help you achieve your taste. This is the exact situation where wedding planners come to your rescue.

It is a very common notion that people have those wedding planners are services opted by the high-budget wedding duos. It’s not true, in today’s scenario there are quality wedding planning services at an affordable range to help plan your wedding and make it the most memorable day of your life

To those who are still unsure about the benefits of hiring a wedding planner for your dreamy day, you have reached the right place, read on to know about the pros of having a professional wedding planner on board with your wedding organizing agenda.

1> load-off your shoulder

With a dedicated team organizing your wedding, being the two most people at the wedding, you and your partner get to actually enjoy the wedding instead of running around getting the various messy situations sorted. You get to spend much more happening time with your near and dear ones.

2>Updated creative ideas:

Being so closely involved in weddings, these wedding planners have an idea about the latest trends happening in the wedding sector. They would be able to help guide you better as to what shades, what drapes or even what food and music you should have for your wedding, in order to make your day a grand celebration.

3>Collaborated vendor listing:

Another very important factor as to why one should opt for a wedding planner is that they would be able to help you collaborate with amazing wedding vendors like wedding decorators, caterers and so on at a much affordable pricing. Thus helping you cut down on your total wedding expense.

In short, we can say that wedding planners offer design assistance, amazing creative ideas, and an overall support throughout the whole wedding planning process. They willing do all the groundwork while you enjoy what’s left of your unmarried days- till the day you begin your beautiful journey called marriage.



Trendy ways to groom up this wedding season

It’s a common notion that everyone has that groom wear is the same old boring stuff!  Hence why it’s always the bride who gets all the attention to detail and the compliments too.

But I believe that there is a lot our grooms can experiment with to ace the game themselves.  And not to forget some men do actually get out of their comfort zone and try them and guess what they become the showstoppers indeed.

 Here is a list of the most trendy groom wear ideas you could experiment with;

Try on some layers:

Picture Courtesy: https://www.manyavar.com/men


Try on some funky hues:

Picture Courtesy: https://www.bonsoir.co.in/party/bandhgala-suits-95.html


Floral Safas:

Picture Courtesy: https://www.manyavar.com/men


Try the embroidered sherwani :

Picture Courtesy: https://www.manyavar.com/azure-embroidered-sherwani-ODES800-306

Check-list for the Night before the Big Day!

Check-list for the Night before the Big Day!Check-list for the Night before the Big Day!

Check-list for the Night before the Big Day!

1.Eat Right:
True that all the hustle would make you want to grab your comfort food – a bag of chips or a big slice of greasy pizza would be crying out your name.
But be sure to stay away just for one more day – in order to wake up fresh for your big day.

2. Drink a lot of water:
Be sure to keep yourself hydrated. To have that bridal glow you have always dreamed about, for that perfect bridal charm of yours to shine all throughout the day. Keep a glass of water handy always and be sure to spend more than enough time with it.

3. Get a Goodnight sleep:
I know you are all excited about the big event finally being here. But do get enough sleep – no matter what. The coming day is going to be eventful.  And with all the heavy bridal wear, the jewellery and the uneasy heals- you are going to be exhausted by the end of the day.

4. Pack up your handy bag:
It’s your big day tomorrow and you want everything to be perfect indeed. So make sure you prepare a checklist way before in hand about everything you would need on the big day. The night before make sure you have all of them ready in your handy bag which you can give to your trusty bridesmaid to keep safe and bring up to the venue.

5. Set your alarm:
All the pre-wedding jitters might keep you all up and excited. Get past it- get some sleep. Just so that you don’t oversleep- make sure to set an alarm. You don’t want to wake up on the wrong side of the bed on your big day.

Having a memorable W-Day ladies!