Big Fat Summer Wedding:

Big Fat Summer Wedding

Planning your big day? Confused when should you host it? We bring to a list of pros and cons of having a summer wedding. While planning a perfect wedding date, many things come into the picture- from auspicious date to venue availability. But the weather is the key most factors indeed.
Beautiful weather:
With a clear, breezy sky- you can have your special ceremony outdoors. This gives you a lot of space to expand your creativity to make your big day even more memorable.
Just be sure to do that the weather forecast doesn’t say too hot or humid or even chances of rain.


Perfectly bloomed flowers:
Do I need to state the importance of flowers in an Indian wedding? From the varmala to décor- it plays a vital role everywhere. Some of the most popular flowers used are Sunflower, Violet, Zinnia, and Orchids. Flowers are always at their best during summer – both in terms of their freshness and cost.

Guests would be much freely available:
With schools having long summer breaks, it’s convenient for all your guests with kids to be available during summer. It also gives them a chance to enjoy breaks from their usual sultry schedule.

Ladies can experiment with their dressing:
With summer kicking in, ladies you can get back to experimenting with your sleeves and even wear your favourite backless cholis. True, being as brave as we are- we do wear them in winters too but cmon we all know how freezy we get.


Added expense of cooling:
As beautiful as it sounds, it has its disadvantages too- the heat could kill the entire vibe, so be sure you make plenty of arrangements to keep it cool. Arrange for tents and cooling requirements. Ensure you have the perfect thirst quenching and body cooling specials on your menu.

Let’s not forget the sweat and heat:
Choose the right time of the day for your ceremony. If it’s hot and humid, definitely that’s not the time to host an outdoor ceremony.A nicely done indoor ceremony with enough air conditioning would set the mood better than the harsh scorchy heat. Admit it; no one really enjoys such weddings

Extra attention to details:
Due to the weather, flowers and food tend to get spoilt faster during summers, so you need to pay extra attention to ensure everything is perfect. Eventually, you don’t want to have a blunder in your big day, do you?

Bridal concerns:
Summer weddings would traumatic, especially for the brides. With their heavy lehengas and decked up makeup and jewellery, it could make it difficult to enjoy their special day. So you should make enough provisions to make it as comfortable for her as possible.