7 Bridal Hairstyling Ideas for your Big Day

MAGIC – that’s what every girl wants to look on her wedding day. To achieve this magic, brides-to-be  spend hours and weeks to merely plan or rehearse their dresses, jewelry, nails, etc. However, we feel the most important part of accessorizing a bride is the way her hair is styled. Hairstyles enhance the overall personality of a bride and add the final touch of glam to complete her bridal look.

So here we’ve listed a few hair styles that can be tried in short, medium and long hair:

Priyanka Chopra in a curled open hairstyle

1. Curled open hairstyle – If you have short hair or medium length hair, you can totally rock this. First, part and pin your hair at the back as well as sides to create a light puff on the head. Now, start adding the sleek curls to the length of your hair. Bring the hair to the front from over one shoulder. You can add a matching head accessory once done.

Sonam Kapoor shows off her side bun with a loose Dutch braid

2. Side bun with a Dutch braid – If you’ve got a really long and voluminous hair, try this out. French braid your hair until half way. After you’re done with the French braid, continue with a normal braid. Then wrap the normal braid around the side bun. To add more drama, you can tease the hair at the crown beforehand so it looks like a crown.

Kriti Sanon in a Fishbone style full braid

3. Fishbone style full braid – If you’re wondering what to do with your uber long hair, plait it fishbone style topping it up with gorgeous white pearls or other hair accessories. Part your hair at the side of the head and collect the total volume to the front from over your shoulder. Then tie the whole length of your hair in a thick fishbone plait, leaving only a little portion of your hair open at the end.

Alia Bhatt in a Classic chignon with wispy curls

4. Classic Chignon –  If you have a medium hair with less volume, try the classic chignon to look a princess straight out of a period drama. Blow dry hair for a silky smooth appearance. Take a curler and create waves from ears down. Build some volume at the crown by teasing your hair with a tooth comb. Gather your hair into a low ponytail twisting along the nape and pinning it as you proceed. After you reach your ear, curl the remaining hair and pin them back over the twist. To keep your hair in place, spray some volume lifting hairspray Finally, scrunch and curl the wispy ends with your finger tips for a perfect finish.

Kareena Kapoor Khan sporting a low updo bun

5. Low Updo –  If you want a simple look, you can try the low updo decorating it with flowers. You can start with securing a loose ponytail at the nape of the neck. Pull the ponytail tighter underneath the base to make sure it stays in place. Once you’ve secured it, divide the ponytail into two sections, then twist them until you reach the end of the ponytail. Ginally, wrap the twist around the base of the ponytail forming a bun.

Dia Mirza in a curly tendrils updo

6. Curly Tendrils Updo – If you’re a classic version of a Grecian Goddess, this will make you thank us a tons! First, gather your long hair into a mid-level pony tail. Bring your curled hair together, wrap and tuck it. Leave a few spirals out for details. With this, you can wear an olive branch hair accessory to complete your Goddess look.

Deepika Padukone carries a front puffed long braid

7. Front puffed long braid – If you plan on adorning your long braid with a jewel ‘choti’, this hairstyle is made for you. Back brush your hair from the front to make a voluminous puff. Then make a braid at the back of your head. Now add layers of flower ‘choti’ or wear a beautiful kundan ‘choti’ to appear like a queen right out of ‘pari lok’.

These styles can be paired up with sparkly hair accessories like pearls, glittery hairpins, flowers, etc.

6 Creative Wedding Proposal Ideas

Life takes many twists and turns, but some moments stay longer than the usual. ‘Unforgettable’ is the word normally used to for such moments in life that transform our usual life experiences into something unexpected, special or out of the blue.

These milestones in life are bigger turning points like – Births, graduation ceremonies, school farewell, weddings, and so on. It often takes weeks, months and even years to plan the ‘perfect’ moment for such occasions. One such memorable occasion is your marriage proposal. Flowers, sky-writing, love notes, or ring in the champagne glass are traditional, don’t you wanna try something new?

Here is a list of ways you can try to find out the answer to the most important question of life.

1.  If your bae is a movie buff

If she can’t stop thinking about Kajol’s towel-dance in DDLJ wondering ‘Kaisa hai, kaun hai woh jaane kahaan hai’, give her the most Bollywood-iest proposal by recording lots of clips of both of you together in several places, outfits, situations and days making memories. You could then compile all of this and set some romantic background tracks that is set to woo the Simran of your life.

2.  If your babe is adventuresome

Is your girl headstrong and loves living life on the edge? Let her have some fun before you put that big question at her. Coordinate a well-planned scavenger hunt, starting off with a clue someplace nearby and let that progress as you keep dropping hints at intervals.

Have the destination somewhere you can hide and pop out of nowhere getting down on your knees!

3.   If your sweetheart is a wordsmith

Does your girl love flaunting her gifted vocabulary? Does she spend half of her day solving crosswords? Wrap up a custom jigsaw puzzle and let your sweetie solve it and spell out the pieces – ‘W-I-L-L   Y-O-U   M-A-R-R-Y   M-E?’


4.  If your beloved is a book-a-holic

One-sided rope braid caressing her satin dress with the locks of her hair making tiny curves round her earlobes and her gaze lowered down immersed in a book. Is she that carefree soul sitting in one corner of a library with the glow of her careless beauty strewn all around?

Make your bookworm an amazing proposal flipbook.

Let her flip through the pages as your words make way into her mouth, shining bright in her smile while she reads your question!

5.  If your intended is a fashionista

If your honey cannot think beyond that MAC Frost Lipstick or the new Lakme Skin Gloss, pamper her with all her favourite products and shades, and while she gets all hyped about it – slip her a cute expressive note inside one of those tiny packages.

6.  Switch gender roles

Before we switch over to another topic next week we’d like to leave you with some food for thought. While men have traditionally proposed to their would-be, there isn’t any rule barring the other gender to put on their thinking caps and surprise the love of their life with the handsomest marriage proposal. So don’t keep waiting and watching, don that superwoman cape and shout loud those beautiful words to the king of your kingdom!

9 Inspirations You Can Take from Deepika Padukone’s ‘Ghoomar’ Look

Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmavati is definitely the most awaited film of the year scheduled to release on 1st December. The film has hit headlines for a number of reasons but this time it is absolutely welcoming for the team.

The first song of Padmavati, ‘Ghoomar’ is a folk number where Deepika Padukone is seen twirling in circles performing the traditional Rajasthani dance form, has already crossed 10 million views within 24 hours of its release. Choreographed by Kruti Mahesh Midya , the song is stunning in sets, costumes, appearance and more.

          Since the wedding season is here, we’re helping give you goals from Deepika’s extravagant costume and heavy jewelry in the song.

The song is an instant inspiration for wedding planners and designers. Take hints from the exquisite ambience, the elegant costumes, the serene emotions and more.

         Those ghagras and odhnis, the golden jewelry, the booti work, etc. everything you need for an awe-striking wedding.

Here is a list of things we noted while decoding Deepika’s ‘Ghoomar’ look. Choose whatever gives you the ‘season-feels’ for the upcoming party in your circle:


1.Colour blocking: The trend of colour blocking or choosing opposite colours on the colour wheel to pair them together for complementary combinations are very much a loved fashion practice. But who thought this could be done so well in bridal lehenga blouses?

2.Gota work: Popularly used for edging sarees and odhnis in Rajasthan, gota work or gota-patti or gota kinari is used to create elaborate patterns. Metals like copper, gold, etc. are used to make designs on dress materials through the applique technique. Use this to border your dupatta or ghagra to add a Rajput touch to your wardrobe.

3.Embroideries: Embroideries have been a part and parcel of Indian wear. Available with a variety of thread or yarn colours, embroidery sometimes incorporates pearls, sequins, and beads too. In Deepika’s look, embroidery has been smartly used to create prints with the help of foil printing that gives it a brocade-like-appearance. Try it for your big day?


Heavy-red embroidered wedding lehenga by Sabyasachi

4.Metal threadwork: It is also known as goldwork. Gold-coated or polished materials like copper are bound as wires and used as threads to give surface embroidery to fabrics. Metal threadwork can clearly be seen in the blouse and ghagras of costumes in the song. If you’ve got a gang of your favourite girls, get their blouses identically designed to make them feel special on your wedding day!

5.Booti work: Booti work is famously done in ghagra cholis as intricate designs created with multicoloured cotton threads defining the ethinicity of the region it is produced in. This artwork is found in kurtis, churidars and other garments. If you’re gonna don a ‘traditional turban or ‘pagdi’, choose richly coloured fabric with booti work for your entire clan.

6.Polki jewelry: Polki jewelry, which is identical to Kundan is one of the best choices for party wear. Huge dangling earrings or as ‘kamar band’. team it up with your gorgeous wedding outfit and sizzle all the way.

Shilpa Shetty wore an elegant Polki jewelry for her wedding

7.Choker set: Chokers are back in fashion. Whether you’re dressing up for a friend’s sangeet or your own sister’s engagement, explore from a range of lace to stone chokers to add an imposing overtone to your personality.


8.Layered necklaces: Aiming for a sleek chic look or a rocking retro feel, layered necklaces can be creatively worn with any outfit. Want something new? If you’re planning on backless, beautifully decorate your naked back with a long layered necklace!

9.Matha pattis: One-sided or a kitschy wonder, matha pattis add a lot of sex appeal to your persona. Brides can choose from a range of gold, diamonds, or stone with heavily studded classic matha pattis to complete the look.

          Don’t forget to notice the royal odhni drape in the song that’ll leave guests at your wedding completely mesmerized!