Best Wedding Décor Ideas to Brighten your Big Day!!!

Last year it was all glam glam but 2018 sets in with a much more subtle, pretty and simple trends.

Rather get a little complicated than grand and gaudy. Pick something unique that reflects your persona and really stands out.

Here are a few which we think might do wonders while you pick out your best wedding decorators :

The classic yellow and white flower deck up:


Filmistaan for that typical Bollywood duo:


Purely white antiques and frames:


Ribbons, Florals, and Ferry lights


Funky groovy Decor perfect for a perfect pre-sangeet event

All of these are amazing wedding done by one of our most sought wedding planners; Wedding and shows.

To get in touch with more such creative vendors, check out our vendors listing and get started with your wedding planning right away!


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