Things to keep in mind when heading for your bridal lehenga fitting:

Do not go alone

The wedding lehenga fitting isn’t the time to travel alone- you would like somebody to give you an honest opinion. Take somebody along, not less than two individuals whose judgment you completely trust!

Avoid wearing dark shades of lipstick for your trial!

Imagine wrecking your lehenga with a lipstick mark way before the date. Scary, right? Therefore, avoid wearing a dark tone of lip color to your fitting, particularly if your lehenga could be a lighter color.

Carry the D-day lingerie and shoes!

You might not assume it’s that necessary, but it is. It’ll assist you to assess the match of the shirt and therefore the length of the skirt, which may look terribly bad if messed up. Plan to wear some shapewear? Carry that too!

Check for all zips, stitches, and Doris

Closely glance through the work and therefore the embroidery on your lehenga – there ought to be no over-stitches or threads hanging loses. Additionally check the zips, Dori, hooks and the other fasteners provided. Confirm the hooks are secured tightly with threads and can be well fastened. Do not simply consider the Dori to keep your lehenga in place- it’s solely meant for further support!


A lot of brides feel shy or hesitant to bring forth bring. If there is something that they are not happy concerning or any apprehensions- whether or not it’s a fault within the lehenga or one thing you changed your mind about, be open to discussing it with the shop or the designer and that we are certain they’re going to be happy to oblige!

Ask for something to be redone if you do not adore it

Is the second dupatta looking tacky or something within the lehenga or shirt you think looks completely different than what was promised? Then evoke a redo if you wish to, do not hesitate! Some may charge for it too; however a minimum of you will get what you want!

Keep a timeline in mind

Yes, there is a lehenga looking and fitting timeline, and you’ve got ought to stick with it or a minimum of be close if you wish everything to finish off on time. Here is one that we’ve place along that may return extremely handy!

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