Best Wedding Décor Ideas to Brighten your Big Day!!!

Last year it was all glam glam but 2018 sets in with a much more subtle, pretty and simple trends.

Rather get a little complicated than grand and gaudy. Pick something unique that reflects your persona and really stands out.

Here are a few which we think might do wonders while you pick out your best wedding decorators :

The classic yellow and white flower deck up:


Filmistaan for that typical Bollywood duo:


Purely white antiques and frames:


Ribbons, Florals, and Ferry lights


Funky groovy Decor perfect for a perfect pre-sangeet event

All of these are amazing wedding done by one of our most sought wedding planners; Wedding and shows.

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Punit Jasuja: The Wedding Enchanter

He is the man who turns everything he touches into a piece of distinct beauty!

The mastermind behind the magnificent Screwvala Wedding- Mr. Punit Jasuja.

Punit Jasuja: The Wedding Enchanter

Early Days:
Born and bought up in Chicago to Indian parents but rooted India, the 42-year-old creative entrepreneur who is now based in Delhi. He runs Punit Jasuja Productions, events, and interiors company, and also own Second Floor Studio, a design retail outfit operating out of Delhi’s hip Shahpur Jat.

Jasuja moved to New Delhi in 2010 when he realized the potential inspiration India’s vivid culture had in store for him and since then he has never missed his New York life.

Delhi Journey: 
He was unknown in Delhi till seven years ago. But since then due to his relentless networking and his elite touch on all his designs- he is now one of the most celebrated wedding planners in India-

Jasuja’s work reflects his global vision, contemporary approach, and unique style.

From Interiors to accessories, from products to weddings, the man has excelled it all. He is referred to as a perfectionist who keeps his clients and their taste above everything else. He believes in personalizing his creations.


His Trade Secret:
According to him, everyone has a unique style- capturing the essence of that from in-between
their words- makes it grand. Imagine what exactly they have inside them is the art that brings him his entire name.

He believes every detail about a wedding is special, it adds up to create that special moment for the happy couple and everyone involved in it. It’s about giving your loved ones an unforgettable experience.

To add to his range of variety – he has now started manufacturing his own brand of fragrances to linger in the air and mesmerize his guests.

MasterPiece Weddings: 
There have been many wonderful weddings designed and celebrated by Jasuja but the one that stands out in his mind is the one he planned and executed in 2012 for the son of Maharaja of Khimsar- his highness Gajendra Singh Khimsar.

Specially printed table napkins @ khimsar wedding

For the Jindal’s wedding which was held at their private property in Delhi. He exploited his knowledge as a visual merchandiser. He used the material that best described the Jindal’s- Steel.

Jindal Wedding

At the Screwvala’s Wedding, which was nothing less than a fairytale wedding, the man behind the scenes used Strings of hydrangeas and peonies at the entrance. A soft customized fragrance of mogra lingering in the air.

Screwvala wedding

It’s right to say that all that this man is today is because of his passion for the art, the festivities of love- Wedding.

13 Photo Booth Ideas for Your Wedding

Often in the hustle bustle of your wedding planning, photo booth or photography backdrops are miserably left out. Wedding photographs are the most talked about things years later. So to avoid your embarrassment later in life looking at awful photo bombs, we as your BFF for wedding planning have got you covered.

Here are our top 13 ideas for the photo booth for your wedding to make your ceremony absolutely flawless:

1. Stamped Fabric

Get a cotton curtain and customize with your chosen design, fabric painting or pattern or even as a ceremony to dramatize it. Hang it on a wall and your stamped photo booth backdrop is ready.

Hand-stamped fabric

2. Feathery Feels

Tie ribbons or jute twine around painted feathers and suspend them through a wooden balance. Use flowers of pastel shades (preferably pale pink and off-white or white) and tie them with laces through the suspending pole. Give people an angelic feathery feel photo booth for the big day.

Hand-painted and glittery feathers

3. Beachy Backdrop:

If you’re planning your wedding at the beach, get loads of patterned fabric in stock. Arrange striped or other patterned fabrics over a rope and secure these with a tape to turn whitewashed dowels into a billowing backdrop for your photo booth.

Georgette fabric curtains backdrop

4. Try Topiary

If you’re looking for an enchanting backdrop, make a larger-than-life statement with faux-boxwood letters of initials or full name of the couple. Best part, this photo booth can be carried back to your home after the ceremony.

Faux-boxwood initials created with Topiary

5. Rosettes-themed booth

If you want a simple yet unique backdrop for your photo booth, mix and match different coloured paper rosettes to create a wall display. Enhance the booth with a single colour matching the venue or theme or try an ombre arrangement for a subtle appeal.

Paper rosettes as photo booth backdrop

6. Arbor Anyone?

If you are clueless about what exactly you want for the photo booth, try arbor. The good thing about Arbor is it gets you a structure for both large and small spaces. You can further dress it up with paint, flowers, ribbon, organza, etc. to give it a fancier look.

Flower decoration over a rectangular arbor

7. Hang-along

Looking for something out of the world? Craft a photo booth that is literally out of the world. Use empty glass bulbs as flower vases to hang them into strings. Add ribbons and suspend to a pole. Fix a wall for support.

8. Chalk It Out

Go for a classy black and white photo booth backdrop with a giant chalkboard. You can use the board to spell out personalized wishes, pointers, etc.

Customized chalkboard backdrop for photo booth

9. Crystal Clear

If you love all things sparkling, use crystal curtains to add that dazzle to your wedding photo booth. Hang these curtains from an arch or a low hanging tree for an outdoor wedding. Surround it with creamy flowers, chandeliers, or bouquets to complete feel.

Crystal curtains used as wedding decor

10. Elegant Fabrics

Use white satin and lace for a traditional rustic look or try a single colour in different patterns for a display that stands out. Place these on a pillar and add a few strings of light for a subtle glow.

Alternate layers of fabric as photo booth backdrop

11. Fancy Florals

Flowers are a classic way to celebrate marriages. Attach flowers with moss sheets and fix them to a huge arbor. Surround a wedding quote or wish, or create a fun pattern over the arbor with flowers for a classic photo booth for your wedding.

Photo backdrop carved out of pastel coloured flowers

12. Go Green

If you’re more of a fan of lush green than flowers, use leaves to set the mood. Greenery will add rich detail and texture to your photo booth. Try eucalyptus for the perfect photo booth leaf décor.

13. Lights Will Guide You Home!

Yes – literally they will. Put colourful fairy lights tied to a string or create customized letters, patterns or messages through the lights and add a crisp appearance to your wedding photo booth.

Led lights suspended from photograph frames for a backdrop

Do not forget to send us a picture of your incredible wedding photo booth!