6 Inspirations for you Bridal Lehenga

Every girl dreams of her perfect wedding filled with the best of everything. Years away from the wedding, only memories stay in the form of splashes of colours captured inside the wedding album.

The first thing people notice in that photographic record of her wedding is the bride herself. The bridal wear, the make-up, the glow on her face and the sparkle in her eyes – each of these must be well taken care of.

While you’ve gotten bored of the usual red lehenga, we’ve got you some interesting options to explore for your bridal wear. Thank us later!


1.Pretty pastels:   Do not underestimate pastels when it comes to getting a trendsetter wardrobe. Choose from a range of these colour combinations for your lehenga to appear like a fairytale princess on your wedding day – pale blue and pink, red and blue, yellow and green, cobalt blue and turquoise, tan and maroon, orange and blue, pink and grey, purple and coral, light pink and green.


2.Mix and Match:  Weddings are always a time for diversity. Look for vibrant shades to match your personality and create your own style. Dash a tinge of teal with pink, or spot a confident neon and pink with hints of green and gold. Do check out the gorgeous magenta with saffron yellow and green worn by designer Neeta Lulla daughter – Nishka Lulla on her wedding.

Designer Neeta Lulla’s daughter, Nishka Lulla on her wedding

3. Floral:   All the butterflies in your stomach and blooming flowers whirling in the wind inside your head – bring them to reality. Floral is the new trendsetter. Select a combo that is both trendy and out of the box.


4.Go green:   Some of us really can’t get over Phoebe Buffay’s eccentric obsession with nature. Don’t worry you’re absolutely rational if you want an eco-friendly dress code for your big day. Try out the alluring aqua green, olive green, fluorescent ombre, imperial green or the very royal emerald green. The best part about green is, you can embellish it with both gold and silver threadwork, mirror work and more!

5.Refreshing hues:   Are you the serene, quiet beauty of your gang? Try these soft combinations like sky blue with silver, mauve with pale pink, mint green with chikankari – don’t be scared of experiments.

Refreshing mint green and pink coloured lehenga

6.Traditional combo:   If you’re still settled for the traditional red lehenga bridal look, we’ll help you with that too. Select from wine velvet with hints of gold, stunning bejeweled red or the classic red and golden.


Chin up and stay gorgeous!

8 DIY decors for your wedding space!


Worried about filling up your royally large wedding space? No, we aren’t talking of the regular chandeliers, flowers or huge drapes across the area. Instead, we bring you some of the coolest, inexpensive and intricately detailed ideas to decorate your spacious wedding hall, garden, whatever is the destination you chose!

With little crafting and care, these niceties will come handy and add the glow to your wedding spot in a matter of minutes:

1. Paper crafts: You’re too busy rehearsing sangeet choreography or choosing mehndi designs, don’t worry – just look around. You got the paper! Use colorful papers to make honeycomb diamonds, honeycomb balls, paper garlands, paper rosettes and pin them up around the venue as ad hoc decoration.

2.Wire-wrapped signs: Grab some old copper wires from the store-room and twist them around into letters, phrasing out little signboards for your guests. You can also stick glitter on top to add the bling!

3.Knots: Find twigs, ropes or ribbons and twist them into knots, whorls, loops, etc., hanging them to make passageway intervals. You can also embellish these with more greenery, beads or artificial flowers.

4.Feathers: Collect variously sized feathers and add paint or glitter to them. Tie the feathers with jute twines or laces to give an angelic appeal to entrances or backdrops!

5. Photo booth: Wondering what you bought your big selfie stick for? This is the time! Gather your group and get posing with that selfie stick revolving around the entire photo booth you carefully planned based on a theme of your choice.

6. Magic mirror: It is the newest toy in the block. Not a normal mirror, this is a real magic mirror because it lets you click life-sized photos, choose backgrounds, edit and directly upload it to Instagram and Twitter. Isn’t that amazing?

7. LED Lights: What better ceremony than wedding for a bright and glitzy evening? Choose from vibrant shades and indulge in a carnival of colours to hang those tiny LED lights all around in your favourite shapes!

8. Greenery: If you’re a fan of nature and all hype about eco-friendliness, use leaves in place of flowers. Lush greenery contrasts with many colours and gives exceptional detailing to the décor.


6 beauty tips for the groom-to-be!

All you boys sweating it out in the gym for a six-pack right before your wedding day, do not waste your time.

Yes, you heard that right. There are more important things you haven’t paid attention to before getting yourself registered with the town’s best fitness trainer. Glowing and healthy skin aren’t just a woman’s thing anymore. Men need to follow a strict and regular beauty regime too.

So before you suit up and set off to bring home your darling damsel, follow these easy tips to compete with her gorgeous-ness on the big day:

Skincare: We aren’t talking about fairness creams, this is double the drill. Use soap that suits your skin type. A wrong soap might make your skin suffer, if not checked on time. Follow it up with – Cleansing, Toning, Moisturizing, Protection (CTMP). Make sure your moisturizing cream has SPF to keep your skin sun-safe while you’re out arranging stuff.

Waxing: Get rid of unwanted hair in your ears, nose and chest for a well-groomed appearance.

Thai Spa, East Kolkata


Spa: Do not be afraid to spend on spa treatment to look great on your eventful day. Splurge on exfoliation and facial cleansing treatments. These will ensure your skin is hydrated, fresh and glowing on time.

Nails: A perfect man-icure just before your wedding day will get your nails the right colour once the dead cells are removed.

Haircut: Get a proper haircut that goes well with your facial features and personality. Look clean on your wedding day.

Teeth: Deal with your teeth with the help of a wide range of DIY dental products online. Also, you could consult a dentist a fortnight before your wedding.

Also, remember that cosmetics are no substitute to naturally healthy skin. So make sure you’re sleeping well and eating right other than just following the above tips with dedication!